Christian Mythology

A Secular Family Storybook

Today, increasing numbers of parents are raising their children free from religion. This book of Christian mythology is a tool for parents to introduce their children to the Christian religion without opinion or fear. This 2nd edition of Christian Mythology for Kids was inspired by supporters and readers. During the first years of print, it became apparent that while many readers appreciated the commentary and historical background offered in the original text, some families were seeking a book with just the mythology. This I completely understand, as a rising number of people come from a secular upbringing that doesn’t require a debunking of the myths. There is a beauty in this simplicity. These stories are mythology, let’s read them as such and move forward. Nothing more is required to be said, especially from the viewpoint of a child. I have honored the simplicity of this idea in this text, and aimed to give more by offering less. - Chrystine Trooien, author

“Myths fired my imagination powerfully as a kid. Greek, Norse, Hopi, West African animist tales—I devoured them all. But the stories of the Judeo-Christian canon were an exception. The retellings were always so mired in kid-glove sacredness that all the rich drama was drained out of them. Christian Mythology for Kids finally restores these fantastic tales to their rightful place among the great, compelling stories of humanity. I want to be a kid again so I can discover Christian myth afresh.” 

-Dale McGowan 

Author, "Parenting Beyond Belief" & "Raising Freethinkers“